Why do I need Detoxification?

Detox is the vital first step needed in the journey into your recovery. Detoxification is the process a person must go through when they have become dependent upon drugs or alcohol. The objective of a detox is to remove the residual drugs and toxins that are present in the body due to alcohol or drug use. Many addicts and alcoholics are afraid to get clean and sober because they do not want to experience the withdrawals, this is where a detox process plays its part. Detoxification helps to minimize the withdrawal symptoms that go hand in hand with addiction. Using different medications, the addict will be slowly weaned off the substances they were abusing until the levels in their bodies are low enough where they will go through minimal to no withdrawals.

There are certain types of substances that can lead to death if stopped abruptly, alcohol and benzodiazepines are the main two. While other substances aren’t known to have deadly consequences, it can be extremely hard to stop without professional help. Many people who abuse drugs or alcohol, can be addicted to multiple substances. We will analyze which substance or substances are being used and develop a strategy to get you stabilized off all mind and mood altering substances. Detox is meant to break the physical dependency to the substance but does nothing to rehabilitate the client or help prevent future use. Checking into our stabilization process you will be given the chance to break free from the physical addiction to drugs or alcohol, then you can move into breaking free from the psychological chains of addiction. Call us today at (703) 337-3348 and give yourself a fighting chance.

Do I need Treatment after Detox?

While detox helps with the removal of the physical dependency of drugs it is not sufficient enough to overcome addiction on its own. Further treatment is a necessity to overcome the mental dependency that drugs and alcohol create. Addiction is a disease that centers in the addict’s mind. They do not react to mind or mood altering substances the same way as people who are not addicts because the way their minds are wired, whether this is a genetic predisposition or acquired over long term abuse. There are many individuals who suffer from addiction as well as other co-occurring mental illnesses, and without additional guidance, we can easily find themselves in situations where they may use again. Relapse is more common for those who use detox as a stand-alone treatment, we strongly recommend that our clients instantly progress into our rehab program. In rehab you will receive the help needed in order to find out what drives your drug and alcohol addiction. Only going through a detox program is similar to a hospital putting a band aid on a bullet wound and sending you on your way. In order to give yourself the best chances of putting your addiction into remission, after you come through our stabilization process you will enter into our treatment program that is designed to give you the coping skills necessary to overcome temptation when it shows its ugly head.

Making the First Step Today

Taking the step to enter into a detox facility takes courage. It is hard to admit that you need help and that you have lost control of your life, but it is a decision you will not regret. Although detox is the crucial first step, it is only the first step and should not be used as a substitute to drug and alcohol treatment. At our facility we offer a comprehensive treatment program, from the first step of stabilization down to inpatient and outpatient treatment. While detox cleanses the body of drugs and pollutants, it does not address triggers responsible for the drug and alcohol use in the first place. We believe in giving our clients the weapons to combat dependency and want them to stay clean and sober for the rest of their lives. Take the vital first step toward recovery and talk to one of our specialist at (703) 337-3348 today!