How Alcohol Addiction Hurts?

Our alcohol rehab is here to help men and women, regardless of their age or their walk of life, free themselves from the chains of alcoholism. Frequently people will stand by as alcohol destroys their family, friendships, and careers, they may give up because they do not know how to ask for help or if they can be helped at all. Alcoholism not only effects the person who is using, it effects everyone around that person. Guilt and shame can make it hard for the alcoholic to ask for help because of the stigma culture has regarding their dependency. The results of alcohol addiction can be detrimental to a person, both physically and psychologically. There are various negative effects that dependency has on the body, cirrhosis of the liver, epilepsy, heart disease, dietary deficiencies, ulcers, destruction of the nervous system, and death can occur when someone is dependent upon alcohol. Deterioration of a person’s psychological wellbeing and serious cognitive issues are not uncommon among alcohol abusers. There is a correlation between being diagnosed with dementia and alcoholism. Brain function, psychological health, and social skills all decline with alcohol. It inhibits the ability for you to function on simple tasks. Our treatment center is here to help you change your life for the better, freeing you from the clutches of alcoholism and give you a brand new lease on life. Call today to speak to a dependency professional (703) 337-3348

Individualized Treatment Plans

Alcohol addiction is medically accepted as a disease, and like other illnesses, is very capable of wreaking havoc on the life on the individual affected by it. Like many other diseases, specialized treatment methods have been developed to treat alcohol dependency. Our facility treats alcohol addiction as a disease and we believe that recovery is possible for anyone regardless if they’ve struggled with alcoholism for a lifetime or just recently begun. No one is without hope. Our treatment team will create an individualized care plan that is specific to your needs. Our rehabilitation methods come with a diverse range of fact-based treatment methods which are effective and widely recognized in the treatment community. As a leader in the treatment community, we make use of proven answers, stabilization or detox period, individual and group therapy, physical activities, and 12 step meetings.
In order to achieve long term sobriety, it requires a team of addiction experts because alcohol abuse often is fueled by the presence of other mental illnesses, such as depression or bi-polar. It is common for some treatment centers to only treat the alcoholism, while we treat alcoholism as the symptom of a larger problem. This is where our personalized treatment plans come into play. Our therapists are all Master’s lever or higher educated and specialize in dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders. We want to help get to the bottom of your disease and find out what factors may contribute to continued abuse of alcohol. If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol dependency, don’t wait any longer to get help. This disease kills people every day. Give yourself a chance at a better life. Call us today at (703) 337-3348 and let us give you the life you deserve to have.

Begin your Journey into Recovery Today

Alcohol addiction robs people of their happiness, family, friends, careers and most of all, themselves. Our treatment center is here to help give you your life back. Alcoholism can appear to be an impossible enemy to beat, however, with the help of rehab, many alcoholics and abusers have gone toe to toe with their disease and came out on top. There are many places to find information regarding alcohol rehab, which can make it tricky to evaluate which treatment program would be the best fit for you or your loved one. As a respected leader in the rehab community, our approach has helped copious amounts of people who have been in the same spot you are in. Our operators are available 24 hours a day to help evaluate, assess methods, and suggest ideal treatment according to each and every client’s particular needs. To speak with an alcohol recovery specialist call (703) 337-3348 now!